Be an Eton Student for a Day!


Do you want to get to know Eton College and the learning community behind it? Be a “Student for a Day” participant and get a chance to be one of our own.


As a student for a day at Eton, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Sit in on classes, from business administration to hospitality management to exciting flight attendant preparation training
  • Experience Eton education for a day and discover our distinct brand of applied learning, social activities, student services, special events, and more
  • Interact with fellow students, industry-leading instructors, and friendly, supportive staff
  • Tour our school and facilities – and get a feel for life on campus


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Learn more and schedule your “Student for a Day” tour today. Call us at 604.677.3866 or email us at You may also simply inform your agent and they can coordinate with us directly for the necessary arrangements. See you on campus!