Student Services


Student success is at the heart of everything we do at Eton. We believe that it’s our responsibility to help individuals realize their learning and career goals while becoming valuable and global learners who can contribute to their family’s and country’s economy and well-being.

Our daily goal, therefore, is to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience needed to meet the everyday challenges in school and in their personal lives.

We recognize that every student coming to Eton College is different and possesses unique interests, skills, talents, desires, goals, and challenges.

Because of this, we offer a variety of support services at many levels which help our students become well-rounded, confident, and knowledgeable individuals, ready to seize any opportunity for learning, career, and personal growth.

Some of our student services in Vancouver are:


  • Early identification and assessment of a student’s individual needs at the time of application. This includes academic and career guidance to match students to the right program.


  • New student orientations to ease the transition into school life.


  • Regular and consistent progress reports by instructors to alert and assist students with school. This helps students track their performance in order to maximize success.


  • Career Preparation seminars and coaching in preparation for the workforce after graduation. This seminar includes self-analysis of strengths, weaknesses, personality, interests, company research, job search, Resume (CV) writing, interview strategies, and follow-up strategies.


  • Practicum Placements at reputable Canadian businesses in various industries to hone their practical skills required for career success.


  • Peer support through mentoring programs where students are helped by senior students who provide enriching experiences that help enhance language and social skills, participation, and integration in the school environment.


  • Volunteer opportunities to enhance life skills and create memorable and enriching life experiences.


  • Industry connections to promote networking skills and to improve chances for employment.


  • Community connections through various projects that support ethical and corporate social behavior.


  • Life-time post-graduation career support for Eton graduates who have successfully met graduation requirements.