The Importance of Investing in Employee Experience

You’ve heard of customer experience, but did you know that employee experience can be just as important to your company? Employee Experience (EX) is the newest human resource strategy that aims to improve your working environment to better attract and retain employees. Today, more than 80 percent of companies are investing in EX, and here’s why.


Improved Productivity

A report shows that companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 202 percent. When they work in a healthy, low-stress environment, employees become more efficient, creative, innovative, and emotionally invested in the company. Thus, their productivity increases with their performance.


Employee Retention

Job-hopping is becoming increasingly popular as Millenials are three times more likely to change jobs than their older peers. Salary is one factor, but one of the main reasons for job-hopping is dissatisfaction and lack of engagement with their work. In effect, they feel detached and uninterested with their companies so once a better opportunity presents itself, moving companies is no problem.


More Talented Applicants

If you want to recruit the best new talents, then you have to gain a good reputation amongst your current and even former employees. Nowadays, various websites and forums allow former employees to discuss their experiences. Improving your EX is vital in attracting the best applicants, especially in an age where there’s a skills shortage across Canada.


Reduced Costs

There are some ways that EX can boost profit and lessen costs. For one, companies no longer need to waste time and resources in training a new hire. Also, a good EX results in better customer service and output. All these factors boost your overall profit and revenue. 


Hospitality and recreation jobs are known to have some of the highest employee satisfaction rates. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in these industries, the first step is an education that meets their skills demand. Our tourism and hospitality programs will give you hands-on training that sets your resume apart.