The Summer Tea Party at the 411 Seniors Centre Society

Written By: Kristen Adams ( Eton Hospitality Student)

The Hospitality Class got to hold a Spring Tea for the senior’s centre, who happens to be our neighbours in the building. Our task was to come up with a company so we could pretend to be a restaurant and serve guests. The company ended up being the International House of Tea and the class was split up into servers, food prep, and entertainment. The theme was an international theme, which represented our class. The room was decorated in international flags and also had bright spring colors. The food was prepared by the class to represent where they are from and displayed on platters. The servers took the platters around and served the guests what they picked out. There was a variety of teas and coffee that we served to them as well as desserts. There was also entertainment that included a mad libs word game, singing from some students, and a prize game at the end.


The event was definitely successful and everyone learned a lot about what it takes to set up an event such as this. There was a lot of conversation with the seniors and they had a great time and enjoyed the service they received from the class. It was definitely a highlight for the Hospitality Class and a great assignment. The seniors gave us great feedback for our efforts and truly appreciated our company. It was really nice to serve real guests instead of fellow classmates as it made it feel more real. Having a class assignment like this encourages communication, hard work, and skill development.

The video is from the Summer Tea Party at the 411 Seniors Centre Society