Top 10 Jobs in Business Administration


A degree in business administration would open a wide range of career opportunities. It’s a diverse program that requires drive and determination, but choosing this path will guarantee high pay and employment growth. Here are just a few of the best jobs that you can get when you pursue business administration.



The business world would never run out accountants because companies will always need someone to handle all their financial transactions. You will handle budgeting, operations, and financial reports. Accountants earn an average of $57,500 a year, and it can go as high as $75,000 if you’re licensed as a CPA.


Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you help promote your company’s product to a target audience. More than just managing, you also work in sales, public relations, and product development. The average salary for marketing managers is $144,000 with the top ten percent earning more than $200,000 a year.


Financial Manager



With an employment growth of 18.7 percent between the years 2016 and 2026, financial managers are one of the most competitive jobs in the business. You handle all the finances of the company and manage all transactions, both locally and internationally. Entry-level jobs in this job estimate at around $71,000 a year.


Sales Manager

Sales managers are the ones who handle the sales research and statistics as well as create and implement goals for the company. You’re also responsible for training and hiring recruits, and the success of your team also reflects your success as a sales manager. The average salary for sales managers is $65,000 a year.


Operations Manager

The job of an operations manager actually varies depending on the company, so you have to be flexible and willing to adapt if you want to pursue this path. Generally, you’ll be in charge of quality assurance, organization, policies, and other specific projects needed by the company. As an operations manager, even the bottom ten percent of operations managers earn about $44,000 a year.

Because these jobs are so well paid, companies see hundreds of applicants per position. Your education today can boost your chances of being employed. At Eton College’s Business Administration program, you get a specialized program that gives focus on the tourism and hospitality industry. We also offer a communications program to build your self-confidence and public speaking skills.