Top 10 Reasons to Become a Flight Attendant

Eton College has listed below the Top 10 Reasons to Become a Flight Attendant


1. You get paid to travel

  • Visit top tourist destinations or discover charming spots that only the locals know about
  • Explore what the world has to offer and earn a decent salary at the same time 
  • Your family can even fly at discounted rates or for free!

2. Flexible working hours

  • Dreading the idea of a 9-5 workday? Working as a flight attendant means you have flexible working hours. 
  • Request flights, controlling where you fly to and how long you’ll stay away from their home base
  • Depending on your rank, know their chances of being assigned to a flight. The higher your rank, the more control you have over your schedule. [NOTE: Even new ones have the flexibility over their workdays, and it only gets better with more experience!)
  • More often than not, you work on public holidays but still get a lot of time for rest and leisure

3. Work-life balance can be a reality

  • Working in the airline industry means you get to have real work-life balance
  • Get as many days off as you need after long and strenuous flights. Rest and recharge as soon as you step off the plane, no matter where you are. 
  • No bringing work or stress home because your work stays in the cabin. Once the last passenger steps off the plane, you’re free!

4. You meet new people

  • Nurture your love of meeting new people and working in a global environment
  • Constantly interact with people of varying nationalities and cultures. Just in one flight, get exposed to different kinds of people with interesting and unique life stories. 
  • Enjoy a diverse workplace – flight attendants come from all countries, of all ages, and all genders

5. There’s room for career growth

  • A flight attendant’s career path isn’t dead-end – there are boundless opportunities for success
  • Support yourself and your future dreams. You can stay in the industry while supporting your family or children until you retire.
  • Climb up the ladder and improve your rank for more pay, benefits, perks, and more control over your flight schedules. The sky’s the limit!

6. Uniforms

  • No need to think about what to wear for work; uniforms are often subsidized by airline companies 
  • Wear a uniform that’s stylish and iconic
  • Reminisce about your time as a flight attendant with your uniform, a great memorabilia

7. You’re trained to help people

  • Doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians aren’t the only professions where you get to help people 
  • Help keep passengers safe and comfortable throughout the flight
  • Provide first aid and know all the safety protocols in case anyone on board needs help 
  • Assist children who are flying alone, anxious flyers, and anyone else in need. This job calls for quick thinking, alertness, and preparedness!

8. You get fancy perks

  • Aside from being paid to travel, get luxurious perks like free stays at fancy hotels or resorts and free car rentals or limousine services
  • Receive upgrades to first or business class on flights for yourself or your family and friends
  • Bonus: extra staff discounts via the airline’s partner hotels, resorts, or other travel companies

9. Every day is different

  • There’s no telling what will happen while you’re on duty – witness live births, surprise proposals, or spontaneous live musical performances. These kinds of things don’t always happen in your typical office job.
  • Have celebrities onboard your flight, travel to unique cities, and enjoy a pretty spontaneous and life-changing career.

10. Equal opportunities

  • Anyone can become a flight attendant, no matter your gender identity or age.
  • As of 2007, half of all cabin crew members were older than 45.
  • Receive equal pay for equal work and benefits that may only be given to traditional couples in other workplaces.
Marie – Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma Graduate
“In my program, I enjoyed making friends, meeting new people, and learning new things about the industry. From my experience here, I learned that the Tourism industry is a big job industry in the world. I would describe Eton College as a very diverse school, and no student is left behind. My most memorable experiences were the tradeshow, mock flight, and meeting new people. My advice to future students is to study hard! It’s not high school anymore – this is your future now.”



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