Top Tourism Trends to Watch This 2020


New year, new ways to discover the world. Every industry has its own trends and innovations, and the travel and tourism industry is no exception. Find out how millennials and Gen Xers – as sizable portion of global tourists – are spending their vacations this 2020.



Wasteful living is out, and environmental-friendly is in. At the peak of the climate change movement, travelers care more about establishments that focus on nature and wildlife preservation. They are veering away from parks and sanctuaries that force animals to interact with people despite the stress it causes. Travelers now prefer to go whale watching in their natural habitat and hiking, and some people are going out of their way to volunteer in organic farms.


Solo Travel

Younger generations today are starting to realize that spending your entire life working is just not the way to live, so they’re going out to experience the world. Instead of waiting for family or friends, people are bent on going alone because it gives them more freedom and flexibility in travel. The hospitality industry is adjusting to this trend by creating more shared lodging (hostels) and more compact rooms (capsule hotels).



These days, who really has the time or money to vacation for a week? Certainly not 57 percent of Americans, says the Allianz Global Assistance. The trend now is to go on shorter but more frequent trips throughout the year. These trips can be as short as one night or up to four nights maximum – which a quarter of millennials consider cheaper, while more than a third say it makes taking work leaves easier.


Personalized Travel

Pre-made itineraries and fixed tours are going stale, and travelers today want an experience that perfectly suits their interests. They’re booking their own tickets to theme parks and making their own reservations in restaurants. In response, numerous mobile apps and websites are created to make planning more efficient and organized.


tourism trends



What do you get when you combine a wanderlust generation and companies offering remote work? A tourism trend called bleisure, which combines business and travel. Instead of working on your report inside a tiny cubicle, you’re doing it on a white sand beach in Koh Samui. Instead of going to your local bar after work, you’re heading to a hole-in-the-wall pub in Amsterdam. This trend has also given rise to the concept of digital nomads.


Experience Local

Part of the reason people want to travel now is to experience the local culture. It means joining seasonal festivals or eating where the locals would go. Some would even book unconventional accommodations or live with host families for their trips.


Second City Travel

Though mainstream tourist spots are still in-demand, travelers are getting better at distinguishing which ones are tourist traps and which ones just aren’t worth the waiting in lines for. They are going off the beaten track and finding hidden gems in smaller, lesser-known cities and locations.


Cashless Travel

These days, travelers don’t want the inconvenience and risk of carrying large amounts of money in their pockets. Mobile banking and online transactions are taking over the various aspects of the tourism industry. Many developed countries are even finding more ways to make traveling cash-free, like using reloadable train cards and passes that allow users to just tap away.


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