This program is for international students only, who want to study in Canada while they work to gain valuable work experience.

You can also use the contact form on the right side, for any questions. Get in touch with us today and let’s start your Canadian experience!

Year 1

The Tourism & Hospitality Canadian Experience Co-op program will be started with classes at Eton College for six months, where you will learn basic skills and knowledge that will prepare you for the Canadian workplace.

After six months, Eton College will guide you to a tourism or hospitality employer in British Columbia, where you will apply everything you learned in class. During this period, you will get paid by the employer for your work.

Year 2

In the second year of the Tourism & Hospitality Canadian Experience Co-op program, you will  continue your studies with specialty training such as Flight Attendant Career, Winter Tourism, and more.  You will also have your second paid work experience for six more months. Students who successfully complete all parts of the program will graduate with a Tourism and Hospitality Canadian Experience Co-op Diploma.


CMNS 100 Communications for the Hotel and Tourism industry PART I
CMNS 110 Communications for the Hotel and Tourism Industry PART II
COOP 100 Work Experience- PART 1
COOP 200 Work Experience- PART 2
HOSP 100 Introduction to Hospitality
HOSP 110 Introduction to Food and Beverage Service
HOSP 120 Hospitality Industry Automation
HOSP 130 Introduction to Housekeeping
HOSP 140 Introduction to Hospitality Front Office
TOUR 100 Introduction to the Tourism Industry
TOUR 110 Wine and Beverage (Beer) Service
TOUR 120 Customer Service – PART I
TOUR 130 Flight Attendant Career
TOUR 140 Introduction to the Airline Industry
TOUR 150 Tour Guiding
TOUR 160 Tourism Geography
TOUR 170 Winter Tourism
TOUR 170 Cruise Industry (*may be offered in place of “Winter Tourism”)
WORK 100 Canadian Workplace
WORK 110 Career Preparation
WORK 120 Costumer Service- PART  2
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Admission Requirements

1. General Admission Requirements:

     • Minimum: Completed secondary school graduation (or equivalent in another school system) OR

     • 19 years of age or older

     • Medical insurance coverage

2. Demonstrate English Proficiency by successfully completing the Eton College Placement Assessment.

Applicants must meet all minimum admissions requirements to be considered for admission to Eton College; the minimum admissions requirements cannot be waived by Eton College or by the applicant under any circumstance.

How to Apply

Fill out the contact form with your information and an Eton College admissions officer will get in touch with you to discuss your interest and eligibility. Once it is determined that you meet all admission requirements, we will invite you to submit a formal application for enrolment in the program. Our admissions officers will advise you through this process.