template_blog_featured_photo_CiciThis popular program meets the demands of the Tourism and Airline industries. Graduates from Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma may start their careers in one of over 400 tourism industry jobs or pursue their dream job as a flight attendant.

Professionalism, excellence in customer service, safety and security are key features of this program. Learners are exposed to in-depth tourism knowledge and extensive hands-on practice in our very own mock airline cabin. Welcome to Eton Airways!


Course List

AVI 100 Introduction to Aviation
COST 103 Transportation Fares & Costing
CULT 101 Cross-Cultural Tourism
CUS 100 Customer Service
ENVI 102 Ethics & Sustainable Tourism
GEO 100 Aviation Geography
GEOG 101 Tourism Geography
INTR 101 Introduction Tourism
LEGL 103 Sport & Recreation Management – Laws & Risks
MGNT 103 Human Resources Management in Tourism
MKTG 102 Destination Marketing
OPER 102 Tourism Office Operations
PRO 100 Professional Development
PROD 102 Tourism Products & Service Operations
REST 101 Restaurant & Food Service
SAF 100 Safety and Emergency Procedures
SEC 100 Security Procedures
TECH 103 Technology in Travel

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