Treehouse Hotels? Discover this Quirky New Hospitality Management Trend!

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When it comes to hospitality, the sky is the limit—sometimes quite literally. Helping guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience has been elevated to an artform, as crafty and creative professionals devise wonderful new ways to delight guests. For some establishments, this has led to the creation of treehouses, where guests can book a night in the treetops.

Treehouse hotels can be found all over the world, whether along warm tropical beaches, nestled in cool and rustic northern forests, or tucked away anywhere in between. What makes these establishments so appealing, and what can students learn from them? Continue reading to find out about this quirky new trend!

What to Include in a Treehouse Hotel?

Treehouse hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Some might be small and cozy nooks nestled in wildlife sanctuaries, allowing guests to feel connected to the natural habitat around them. Others might be a little more upbeat—sporting several rooms and amenities.

Creating a treehouse hotel can be a bit of a fun challenge. Some treehouse hotels choose to go for a rustic appeal, with sparse amenities and perhaps forgoing creature comforts like air conditioning, WiFi, and even electricity. While a little less cosy, this approach can appeal to guests looking to decompress away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and can be a wonderful addition to campsites. A treehouse with a balcony, hammock, and a beautiful view may be all these guests need to feel pampered.

Treenhouse hotels can be simple or quite decadent

Treenhouse hotels can be simple or quite decadent

Other treehouse hotels might choose to add a little more whimsy, and appeal to the inner kid in all of us. Slides and a fun decor can help these establishments stand out and appeal to groups of all ages. Other establishments might want to keep some luxurious appeal, adding plenty of amenities so that guests can still feel pampered even as they enjoy a room that is one-of-a-kind. For adventurous professionals with hospitality management careers, the possibilities are practically endless!

Entertainment and Activities Pros with Hospitality Management Careers Can Add

Of course, to help any establishment stand out, it can be a wonderful idea to include a few activities and other fun things for guests to do during their stay. Professionals with careers in hospitality management can look into helping guests connect with nature through hikes and trails nearby, or offer kayaks and canoes to rent if their treenhouse hotel happens to be near the water.

Some treehouse hotels appeal to guests looking to relax, which is why they boast an on-site spa, yoga lessons, or meditation sessions. Others try to appeal to a slightly more adventurous crowd by offering ziplines or treetop obstacle courses. Of course, whether professionals choose to include cooking classes, beachside barbecues, or any other fun twist, one thing is sure: there’s a lot a little creativity can bring to a career in hospitality.

Swings, ziplines, and other fun elements can be a true treat for guests

Swings, ziplines, and other fun elements can be a true treat for guests

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