Using Tourism Management Know-How to Help Clients Discover Hidden Gems

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Every year tourists flock to cities like Paris and New York to take in the sights and enjoy some of the popular attractions offered there. While an abundance of tourism is great, it can’t be fun for travellers looking to relax and unwind. Long lineups, high prices, and crowded destinations can quickly turn a dream vacation into a stressful experience. Fortunately, even as tourism continues to grow, there are still many incredible destinations just waiting to be explored.

Professionals in the tourism industry know how to drive attention to hidden wonders all around the world. Read on to see how!

Never Underestimate the Appeal of Villages for Local Experiences

One of the many reasons tourists travel to another country is to experience its local culture and history. What some tourists may not consider, and experts in the tourism industry know for certain, is the cultural appeal of local villages!

Don’t think you can do better than Paris when recommending a tourist destination for travellers going to France? You won’t have to go too far to find this hidden jewel: the Simiane La Rotonde. This gorgeous hilltop village located in southeastern France, along the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, overlooks one of the most stunning lavender fields in the world. There, tourists will really get to experience local French culture—and even have the chance to explore nearby medieval castles.

Beautiful lavender fields in rural France are a must-see

Beautiful lavender fields in rural France are a must-see

Speaking of Castles, Countries All Around the World Are Full of Less Well-Known Wonders

The great thing about castles and ancient temples is that they’re peppered all throughout Europe and Asia, each with their own unique architectural style and history. However, some well-known attractions can get quite crowded. Professionals in tourism management know how packed places like Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany can get, with over 300,000 tourists visiting it each year.

Instead, professionals can try recommending other slightly less well-known destinations like the Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria, which looks like something right out Sleeping Beauty. The Castle is 900 years old and sits atop a lush green hill surrounded by snow capped mountains. Tourists can even enter the castle, now a museum, and take a look at medieval weapons, and the Salzburg Falconry!

Hohenwerfen Castle makes for great photo ops!

Hohenwerfen Castle makes for great photo ops!

Tourism management professionals can also get clients to skip the usual destinations in Japan like Tokyo and Hiroshima, and instead recommend they check out other less well-known attractions, like the hilltop castle in Inuyama. Surrounded by beautiful pink cherry blossom trees, Inuyama’s castle is one of Japan’s 12 original palaces. The city also hosts an annual Inuyama festival, complete with floats, food, and entertainment tourists will love!

Tourism Management Experts Can Suggest Alternatives to Big World-Renowned Festivals

Festivals can be a wonderful way for travellers to experience local culture. In fact, experienced graduates with a diploma in tourism management know they’re probably the best way to really live like a local in another country.

Many cities are home to fun and exciting festivals!

Many cities are home to fun and exciting festivals!

Rather than sending tourists off to New Orleans for Mardis Gras, or to the Carnival of Brazil, professionals in tourism management can suggest less well-known festivals. Going to Buzet in Croatia during truffle season, for example, can connect travellers with the Subotina Festival. Tourists will be treated to local villagers dressing up in traditional Croatian clothing who sing, weave baskets, and, of course, enjoy truffles and other local dishes. Travellers can also find plenty to do in Slovenia, when in Kamnik the Dnevi Narodnih Noš costume festival is held. When it comes to wonderful discoveries just off the beaten path, there’s a world of opportunity awaiting travellers and professionals alike!

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