Using Your Travel and Tourism Management Know-How to Plan Family-Friendly Vacations

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The thought of a toddler constantly crying their heart out, or a teenager moping in their hotel room, is enough to put a lot of parents off planning an elaborate vacation. All they need is a bit of guidance though, because it’s always possible to plan a great trip that will keep everybody excited from arrival to departure.

The travel and tourism sector relies on specially trained personnel to help make a family’s vacation as memorable as possible. Their impact is felt long before the family enters a hotel or hits the beach. Travel and tourism professionals are experts at planning out the parts of a vacation that most people don’t think about, and their expertise can make all the difference.

Here’s a closer look at how to create a top family trip.

Planning Exciting Activities for Children of Different Ages

You might decide to work in a travel agency or at a resort after graduating from a travel and tourism program. They’re among many places where you could be asked to recommend family-friendly activities, or help make sure that child-friendly options are available.

The age of young clients should be factored into plans. Toddlers and young children generally have shorter attention spans, and this means that the quantity of activities is often pretty important. Find a location where the family can do lots of different things in close proximity to each other. Keep their schedule flexible, however, because young kids will need their rest in the middle of the day.

Don’t plan too much! Young kids need their naps

Don’t plan too much! Young kids need their naps

Moodiness is an unfortunate reality if there are teens involved, so encourage parents to make them part of the decision-making process. Try to find a location that matches their interests, whether it’s horseback riding, boating, or learning about history. A particular location might seem perfect to the parents, but the whole family should enjoy the trip.

Choosing the Right Transport After Travel and Tourism Programs

Flights of any length can be stressful for young kids, so sometimes professionals try to recommend other options. If the family is nervous about getting onto a plane, there are still lots of other great alternatives. Rail or road travel might limit vacation choices, but they are more comfortable and less stressful.

Travel and tourism professionals help to put families at ease throughout their journey, whether they’re working in an airport or car rental company. Indeed, car rentals can open up so many great activities for families on vacation, as they’ll have the freedom to go off the beaten track and see the places that most visitors don’t get to experience.

Encourage families to rent a car and explore off the beaten path

Encourage families to rent a car and explore off the beaten path

Enjoyable Accommodation Options for Families on Vacation

Look beyond the conventional hotel resort for family accommodation, but remember it’s a good choice for younger children. These facilities have lots of fun activities and are also very secure, providing peace of mind to parents. If children are a bit older and more adventurous, however, there are lots of fun options to put forward when working in travel and tourism management.

You could encourage families to rent out an RV or camp in a tent as part of their vacation. If they want a little more luxury, ‘glamping,’ short for glamour camping, has become a good middle ground by combining a little luxury and added facilities with the outdoorsy fun of traditional camping. Be creative with your planning and families will end up having the time of their lives!

Glamping is a great experience for families on vacation

Glamping is a great experience for families on vacation

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