Why Vancouver Is the Perfect Home Base for Travellers Seeking Tourism Careers

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Are you considering a career in the tourism industry, but aren’t sure yet which city you should make your home base? Throughout your tourism career, you might choose to live in several different cities, or have one home base throughout your entire career.

Whether you’re from Vancouver or somewhere else across the country or around the globe, it’s important to consider several factors when choosing where to begin your tourism career. With so many exciting cities to choose from, it can be tough deciding on which city you would like to call home. However, Vancouver’s bustling tourism sector, gorgeous mountain views, and easy access to nature make it a wonderful option for ambitious tourism students.

Still wondering if Vancouver is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about why Vancouver is the perfect city for those with wanderlust.

Vancouver Is Becoming an Increasingly Popular Destination

When the city of Vancouver took center stage during the 2010 Winter Olympics, an increasing number of people around the globe discovered Vancouver’s appeal as a vacation destination. As a result, the city’s inbound tourism began increasing and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down.


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More and more tourists are visiting Vancouver

In 2016, Vancouver saw a record-breaking year with over 10 million visitors, a drastic increase from the 8,935,437 visitors in 2014. While Vancouver receives the most visits from fellow Canadians, the USA, China, UK, and Australia make up the remaining bulk of visitors. Currently, tourism provides about 70,000 full-time jobs in Vancouver alone. For any student looking to break into a rewarding career in tourism, few Canadian cities offer the same potential.

Vancouver’s Airport Is a Major Travel Hub, Offering Plenty of Tourism Careers

The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is world-renowned for its beautiful aboriginal artwork, friendly staff, and ease of use. As a result, it should come as no surprise to students earning their travel & tourism diploma that the airport’s operations are growing, creating plenty of job opportunities for individuals interested in working in the airline industry or at the airport.

In 2017, the Skytrax Awards voted YVR as the leading airport in North America for the eighth year in a row. As Canada’s second most busy airport, YVR now services 55 different airlines to over 125 destinations across the globe, making it the perfect local airport for travel-lovers working in Vancouver’s tourism industry.


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YVR is growing and now offers service to 125 exciting destinations around the world


Vancouver Is a Desirable Destination Year-round, Creating Plenty of Tourism Careers

While many travel destinations across the world struggle with seasonality in the winter months, Vancouver doesn’t. With mild winters and close proximity to many mountains and parks, visitors travel to and through Vancouver during every month of the year.

The city’s local mountains, Grouse and Cypress and Seymour, are within 30 minutes of Vancouver city centre, and, just a short drive away, travellers can enjoy Whistler and Blackcomb. A few hours drive will take you to Manning Park, Big White, and Sun Peaks. Not only do these top attractions create year-round opportunities for professionals with tourism careers, but grads working in tourism can also enjoy these beautiful attractions!


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Beautiful destinations like Whistler are just a short drive away from Vancouver


The City of Vancouver Is a Beautiful Place to Live in with Lots to Be Explored

If you’re not from Vancouver, you may or may not know just how great of a city it can be. The city’s transportation system is easy to use, the residents are friendly, and there are plenty of delicious restaurants to enjoy. Living in Vancouver means you can go shopping on the city’s trendy downtown streets in the morning and then head to the mountains for a refreshing hike in the afternoon. There’s never a dull moment in Vancouver, making it the perfect city to relax in during your off-time throughout your tourism career.


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Professionals working in Vancouver can enjoy many of the city’s attractions during downtime

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