Want to Become a Flight Attendant? Breathtaking BC Islands to Visit During Your Studies

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When the light is right and you’re flying someplace beautiful, there’s nothing quite like stealing a look out the window of a plane and taking in the scenery. Of course, you don’t need to wait until you have a career up in the sky to see some great views. Take a few hours, or a nice long weekend, and there are plenty of amazing sights to see right in British Columbia.

If you’re someone who loves the water, you might particularly love checking out BC’s islands. They’re home to stunning views and interesting wildlife, and are perfect places to go to get away.

Here are a few great islands worth checking out.

Vancouver Island Is an Impressive Getaway to See While at Eton College

There are a handful of cities on Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Nanaimo, and several others. Most of the island, though, is wild space with rainforests, mountains, beaches, and all kinds of wildlife. Depending on where you go, it’s not uncommon to see whales, bears, salmon, sea lions, and other animals on and around the island.


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There’s beautiful wildlife to see all over Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island receives millions of visitors every year, so if you become a flight attendant in BC, you might encounter plenty of travellers heading in that direction. Take a trip out yourself when you have a little time off from flight attendant school! You’ll get to experience the beauty for yourself, and potentially gain some great pointers to offer flyers about places to go while they’re on the island.

Texada Island Is Right Between Vancouver and Powell River and Ripe for Exploring

There’s nowhere like BC for amount and quality of outdoor leisure activities, and Texada Island is an excellent example of just how good it gets. Hiking and biking trails, areas for kayaking, a gorgeous beach, and excellent scuba diving opportunities are just some of the options available for people who like a little adventure on their time off.


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There are many opportunities to get out and active on Texada Island

A visit to this island is sure to be an experience you won’t forget, so grab a friend from your flight attendant prep program and head on over! With ferries leaving regularly from both Vancouver and Powell River, it’s not difficult to plan a fun day out enjoying a slice of BC’s beauty.

Hornby Island Is one of the Most Beautiful Islands to Visit While at Eton College

Head to the official Hornby website and you’ll see the bold claim that many islanders originally came as visitors and then couldn’t bring themselves to leave. Take a look at some of the incredible images of Hornby, and it’s easy to see why.

Hornby is home to white sand beaches that stretch on for kilometers, vibrant forest ecosystems ready to be explored, and great local artwork and food to enjoy and discover. The island has become immensely popular with international travellers, taking on the nickname “Hawaii of the north,” and traffic in to the area is only going to increase as tourists inevitably tell their friends about the area after visiting.


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Hornby Island is like a tropical paradise, right in BC. Head on over to enjoy some surf and sun!

Of course, for the would-be flight attendant, this island is only a taste of what’s out there. A career in this industry can take you to amazing places all over the world.

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