What Flight Attendant Training REALLY Looks Like


If you think being a flight attendant is just about looking pretty and hand out peanuts, then you are way off! This is a highly competitive career that involves a lot of training before you can even get hired. To give you an idea, here are just a few of the standard training required by the Canadian government.


First Aid

One of the most important things flight attendants have to know is first aid. We’re not just talking about basic first aid either. Whether it’s in the case of  violent turbulence or a passenger having a medical attack, they have to be prepared to give temporary treatment. This includes doing CPR, using AEDs, treating burns, superficial wounds, and medical stitching. Along with this, they also need to keep an eye on symptoms of illnesses that could affect other passengers.



Safety & Security

Flight attendants aren’t just there to serve you drinks. Their first job is to keep all passengers safe, and that means extensive training in handling security measures. A career here means being vigilant and being aware of the first signs of aggressions. It includes keeping an eye out for hostile behavior and signs of drunkenness, too. Also, being able to calm down anxious and panicked passengers is also part of their training. 


Fire Fighting

A lot of things could go wrong in a flight, which includes wiring failure that causes a fire. Luckily, your cabin crew is able to detect and prevent a fire in case of an emergency. Smoke training is done in a lot of airlines to give them first-hand experience.


Emergency Situations

Did you know that flight attendant training also includes a lot of simulations and drills? These are designed to give them practical experience in handling all the mechanisms inside an airplane. A water landing, operating the emergency exits, and evacuations are just some of the yearly training they get.



Self-Defense Training

Related to their safety and security training, flight attendants know basic combat skills to counter violent passengers. Many airlines around the world like the United Airlines and Emirates offer this sort of training to help neutralize threats. 


Personal Grooming

You read that right. Flight attendants are trained to look the way they do. Both men and women always have to look their best even when they’re tired or stressed out! For some, it involves skincare and makeup practice. Some airlines even teach them to eat healthily and do mild exercises. If you ever wondered why all cabin crew looks so good, it’s for both practical and commercial reasons.


Foreign Language

While not entirely necessary, bilingual applicants are a huge plus in this industry. You get hundreds of different people from different places in the world, so it’s always useful to know a common language. A mastery of English is the standards across all airlines in the world, though.


It’s not enough that you just love to travel, but you have to have the mindset to go through all this training. After all that though, you’ll find all of it worth it when you get to use your skills to help people. Do you think you have what it takes to do all these? Eton College’s Flight Attendant Program can teach you all these!