What’s the Deal With Lifestyle Hotels? What Students at Hospitality Colleges Need to Know

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There’s always something new happening in the tourism and hospitality sector. With new trends seemingly cropping up daily, working in hospitality never gets boring. One recent trend currently taking the hospitality sector by storm is the move towards lifestyle hotels. AC Hotels, Even Hotels, and several other chains are catching onto this new style of accommodation. But what exactly is a lifestyle hotel, and how did this trend come up in the first place?

If you’re considering a career in hospitality, read on to find out!

Lifestyle Hotels Are a Spin Off of Boutique Hotels

Defining lifestyle hotels can get a little complicated, since each hotel is bound to have its own unique style, type of guest, and vibe. However, even though lifestyle hotels can be very different from one another, they do share a few common traits.

For example, lifestyle hotels are often similar to boutique hotels, which are known for offering one-of-a-kind accommodations in a small and luxurious setting. Like boutique hotels, lifestyle hotels also strive to offer an original experience. However, lifestyle hotels are also usually part of a larger brand, bringing along the perks that come with hotel chains. With a lifestyle hotel, guests can often look forward to loyalty perks, brand consistency, and more affordable prices. Essentially, lifestyle hotels aim to bring boutique hotels to the masses, giving chain hotels the opportunity to capitalize on the more personalized and untraditional travel experiences boutique hotels can bring.

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Boutique hotels offer a little more luxury—and a higher price tag—than lifestyle hotels

Typical Features of a Lifestyle Hotel that Students in Hospitality College May Recognize

Students considering hotel management courses might be wondering: what really makes a lifestyle hotel stand apart from any other chain hotel? For one thing, lifestyle hotels typically have plenty of common space as well as a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The decor tends to be a bit funkier than your typical hotel, often including eccentric lighting, bright pops of colour, or unusual architecture and room layouts.

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Lifestyle hotels tend to have interesting design elements and plenty of common space

Stay at a lifestyle hotel and you’re also likely to find a vibrant bar or nightclub that pours non-traditional drinks such as craft-style cocktails or unique brews. Like boutique hotels, it’s also not uncommon for lifestyle hotels to have a theme. For example, a wellness lifestyle hotel might feature high-end fitness centres, or a nautical lifestyle hotel could have ocean-inspired decor and serve up tasty seafood dishes in its restaurant.

Why the Move Towards Lifestyle Hotels?

As graduates of hospitality colleges know, industry demands are changing. Travellers, and especially millennials, want more down-to-earth as well as unique experiences. They want their trips—including their hotel stay—to feel like an extension of their identity without having to pay too much for it, which is why lifestyle hotels have become the hot new trend in hospitality.

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Travellers are looking for unique experiences and the hotels that offer them!

In some ways, the recent rise of lifestyle hotels is also a response to the rise of websites like Airbnb, which offer travellers the opportunity to stay in unique accommodations on a budget. As more and more travellers continue to search for one-of-a-kind experiences, many hospitality experts believe that lifestyle hotels will only get more popular.

How Students in Hotel Management Courses Might See Lifestyle Hotels Change the Industry

In the coming years, hospitality professionals may see more established brands open their own versions of lifestyle hotels. In addition, as consumer preferences shift, traditional hotels may begin to work “lifestyle” elements into their current brands. As the market becomes more saturated, lifestyle hotels could also begin to push boundaries even further with unexpected themes, one-of-a-kind dining selections, or bizarre architecture. For any student who wants a career where no two days are the same, the trend towards lifestyle hotels could bring even more variety to an already exciting industry.

You can work at innovative hotels like lifestyle hotels after earning your Hospitality Management diploma in Vancouver.

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