Why An Online Persona is Important in the Hospitality Industry

Every business is now going online so competition is stiff even in cyberspace. Hotels and resorts can make their companies stand out by creating an online persona. This doesn’t mean creating a literal character or mascot for a company. It pertains to creating a brand image that sets a company apart from its competitors.


If you want to be part of the hospitality industry, the importance of an online persona is something you should alway be aware of. One part of branding and marketing involves identifying an online persona early on because it shapes the way a company presents itself through social media and other platforms. 


Let’s pretend that you’re working for a hotel. Are you a sophisticated luxury hotel for businessmen or are you a party hostel for solo travelers? You have to be clear about these things. 


Here are other advantages of an online persona.


Customers are more likely to buy from brands that they recognize or are familiar with. Hence, a company’s online persona should give a unique and distinguishable look that is consistent with the image the company wants to reflect to its customers. When applied properly to marketing, an online persona differentiates a company from its competitors.



Travelers who browse for accommodation often look for specific features, like a spa or nice rooms. Determine the company’s strengths and highlight them in all online marketing campaigns. 


Provide customers with the necessary information they need in the most straightforward and convenient way possible. For example, don’t make customers search through different links to find the information they need. Redesign a company website so that visitors can find information in just one or two clicks. Make sure that Facebook or Instagram posts have links that direct customers straight to the info they need.



Establishing a company’s overall persona makes it easier to style marketing campaigns. The tone and characteristics of a brand should show itself in the company website, design, and messaging. With an online persona, employees have a point of reference on how to respond to customers or how their output should appear.


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