Why Personalized Marketing Matters in the Hospitality Industry

personalized marketing

Wherever you look, you’ll hear that personalization is the next big thing in marketing. This is especially true for a customer-based industry like hospitality and travel. A marketing strategy that incorporates a personalized, customized approach to product and service delivery can help guarantee the quality of service that your guests receive when they check in at your hotel or choose your establishment for good food or recreation.


What Is Personalized Marketing?

This is a kind of strategy where you create marketing content that speaks to a specific group of people. It’s supposed to address the needs and concerns of customers based on analytics and collected data. The goal is to make content that shows you understand your demographic and are aware of their problems. 


Examples of personalized marketing are targeted emails, product recommendations, and location-based marketing.


Advantages of Personalized Marketing

Just like in other sectors, a personalized ad trumps any generic ad in the world of hospitality. Here’s why businesses in this sector need to invest in personalized marketing:


  • Reliable Suggestions – As a property owner, you have to know what kind of audience you are targeting. Are you a hostel that’s targeting solo travelers or are you a fun resort made for families? With this in mind, the next step is to know what these kinds of travelers are looking for. This way, you can categorize your ads and promote certain facilities that you know they would like. Know, for instance, that around 79 percent of guests get annoyed when they see ads for things that aren’t relevant to them.


  • Increase Brand LoyaltyCustomers want to be treated in a special way, especially if they’ve already previously transacted with you. When they feel that the hotels they are booking remember their needs, they are more likely to rebook or reuse the same services. In fact, 78 percent of customers say they are more likely to engage in offers that were personalized based on their previous dealings.


  • Better Customer ExperiencePersonalization gives booking a special touch, and it makes customers feel that they are interacting with a person rather than a machine. The convenience of having products and services customized to your preferences beats the hassle of browsing through thick catalogues or marketing collaterals.  


  • Direct BookingMany hotels and accommodations are worn down by the need to compete with online booking sites and travel sites. If you immediately provide travellers with what they’re looking for, then you increase your chances of getting direct bookings. Sending offers and discounts straight to their email also allows them to visit your website often. This will both develop your customer relationship as well as maximize your ad campaigns.


Whether you’re dealing with customers face-to-face or through online live chat, it’s important that you provide only the best services and experience. Our hospitality management programs prioritize service excellence while merging a topnotch curriculum with innovation, so you have the skills to stand out in the industry.