Why Study Business Administration

Do you want a career where you can actually enjoy being around people while securing your future? A business administration education is likely what you need. People always associate business majors with lavish lifestyles and lofty entrepreneurial goals, and that’s because it’s a path that opens a lot of opportunities. Here are some of them: 


Job Security

There’s an endless market for business administration graduates. Corporations are always looking for someone in the finance, marketing, and management sector, and business administration pretty much covers all the basics. Growth in this industry is expected to rise by eight percent by the year 2038, although some careers are readily more in-demand than others.


Universal Management Skills

The best thing about studying business administration is that the skills and ideas you learned here can be applied to other fields. It gives you a strong foundation that can be useful in any industry. You can start your own business or become managers in private organizations or multinationals. Shifting industries isn’t a major challenge as long as you keep upskilling yourself and stay in tune with trends and needed competencies. 

business management

High Salary

Overall, careers related to business  enjoy higher pay than most industry. A career as a sales manager can easily land you a $100,000 salary. Managerial positions also average at $70,000 a year and, depending on the kind of company you join, can reach up to $200,000 a year.


Better Chances at Career Advancement

There are actually a lot of people who enter marketing and management jobs without a business management or business administration degree. However, when it’s time to get a promotion, those with diplomas in these specific fields have the advantage. That’s because these programs teach a certain level of knowledge (theory and classroom learning) that can’t simply be learned through experience.

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