Why You Should Become a Flight Attendant

Travel For a Living

Satisfy your thirst for adventure! Carriers also offer free travel or discounted tickets for their crew and their family during off-season.

Spend Layovers in Posh Hotels

While waiting for their next flights, the crew may get a chance to stay in luxurious hotels, apart from airport hotels. Flight attendants are rewarded with beautiful sights and experiences the world has to offer.

Free Food

Airlines provide free daily food allowance to flight attendants while traveling in between work schedules. Some also make meals ready at the airport after the crew has reached their destination. Larger airlines offer bigger perks, such as discounts on groceries.

Meet New People

You won’t get bored doing the same thing because you get to work in different environments. Flight attendants meet new people all the time, including celebrities, athletes, and other VIPs.

Read People Like A Pro

Flight attendants are trained to make snap-judgments. As they welcome passengers with a smile, they can assess whether they will be a safety concern on the flight. They also look for assets among the passengers in case of an emergency.

Learn First Aid

Flight attendants are trained to deal with medical emergencies well. They know CPR, using automated external defibrillators, and other basic first aid.

Wear Stylish Uniforms

There is a sense of majesty when you wear flight attendant uniforms. Airlines also provide uniform allowances that include cleaning and shoe stipend. 

Work-Life Balance

There is no take-home work, so you can do whatever you want on your days off. Flight attendants also enjoy flexible work arrangements. They can choose the time and frequency when they want to fly.


If you can keep your cool at 35,000 feet up in the sky, then don’t miss out on all the opportunities in travel and tourism! Consider a career as a flight attendant now by exploring the Flight Attendant Preparation Training we offer at Eton College.