Winter Trip Planning Tips You Can Offer with the Help of Your Travel and Tourism Diploma

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It’s January and that means for most of Canada the weather outside is downright frightful! If icy sidewalks, snowstorms, and frostbite have you dreaming of a winter getaway, you’re not alone. When you pursue a career in travel and tourism, you can rest assured you’ll encounter plenty of people coming to you for vacation tips for escaping the winter blues.

Of course, everybody has a different idea of what a winter getaway looks like. For some it’s a ski adventure, while for others it’s soaking up the sun on a white sand beach. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled some winter planning tips depending on your client’s goals.

For Many People, Escaping Winter Means Finding Sun and Finding it Fast

When the temperatures start to plunge, many Canadians begin dreaming of a trip south. There are, of course, a ton of sunny vacations to choose from for your clients. Destination like Mexico and the Caribbean islands are especially popular because they are relatively close and offer gorgeous beaches on turquoise seas to sit back and relax on.

For those with a bit more time on their hands, a trip further afield may be in order. Winter in Canada is summer in Australia, which makes Melbourne a great sun destination. Australia’s cultural capital boasts alleyways lined with sidewalk cafes, great surfing, and the Australian Open tennis tournament in January, which is the biggest sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere.


Melbourne’s alleyways are teeming with sidewalk cafes

Melbourne’s alleyways are teeming with sidewalk cafes


Others Embrace the Cold and Head for their Favourite Winter Wonderlands

Not everybody is as eager to escape the snow as others—in fact, during your tourism career you may find some people actually love the white stuff so much they want even more of it (strange, we know!). For those who want a vacation to a winter wonderland, certain places really stand out. Winter is, of course, the best time for skiing enthusiasts to hit the slopes in places like Whistler, British Columbia; Park City, Utah; or Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Quebec City, meanwhile, boasts its world-famous Winter Carnival, where visitors can stay at North America’s only ice hotel. Or how about a trip to Harbin, China? That’s where the world’s largest annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival dazzles visitors in February with huge recreations of global landmarks.


The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is the largest festival of its kind in the world

The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is the largest festival of its kind in the world


Use Your Travel and Tourism Diploma to Recommend Bargain Winter Getaways

People look to professionals with a travel and tourism diploma precisely because these professionals know the secrets of the trade, like when to catch a great deal! Because winter is off-season in much of the world, that makes it a great time to find bargains to destinations that would otherwise take a significant toll on the wallet.

For example, the weather in Rome is often spring-like during the winter, with visitors getting to enjoy sights like the Vatican Museums and the Forum with far fewer crowds than during the summer months. Or a trip to Sin City may be in the cards, with incredible deals on Las Vegas flights and accommodation often available during the winter.


Winter is a great time to enjoy Rome’s many sights without the crowds

Winter is a great time to enjoy Rome’s many sights without the crowds

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