You are not too old (to be a Flight Attendant)

“Am I too old to be a flight attendant?” We get this question a lot at Eton College, from people who have had a life-long dream of becoming a flight attendant, and worried that they might be too late to realize it.

The answer has always been resounding “No, you are not!” Airlines, in fact, prefer more mature candidates for their life experience in dealing with people and managing situations, as long as they are healthy and are committed to the job.

The proof for that comes from Ron Akana, an 83 year-old United Airlines Flight Attendant, who has recently been honoured as the world’s longest serving flight attendant (63 years in service) in Guinness Book of World Records.

Once again: no, you are not too old! Give us a call (604-677-4431) and we will help you achieve that dream.