Students who consider a career as a flight attendant or a career in tourism usually possess a love for people and the desire to serve. These programs also require a positive “can do” attitude, excellent teamwork and strong leadership skills.

While these flight attendant training programs will arm you with the basics of becoming a flight attendant and prepare you for those tough airline job interviews, nothing will help you land that coveted job as a flight attendant or airline personnel more than a passion to help and extend service, to go beyond the call of duty.

If you believe you have a calling for service, then you’ve found the right program.

Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Program

This program is best for those who truly love to travel and want to incorporate their passion for travel into their work. It blends our Flight Attendant Training program with the necessary skills and knowledge within the Travel and Tourism industry, making you a very attractive candidate for employers in these industries.

Hospitality and Flight Attendant Preparation Program

This program will equip you with a versatile set of skills that will make you a strong asset to any employer in Hospitality and Air Travel industries. It is recommended for those who want to try the highly mobile lifestyle of a flight attendant, while keeping the option of settling down with strong job skills in the future.

Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma

Applicants with formal training from flight attendant schools such as Eton College will have the practical knowledge and experience in dealing with the public, and will therefore, have a better chance of landing a position with the airlines.Top employers will be impressed with your skills and experience when you graduate with a Diploma in Flight Attendant Preparation from Eton College. You’ll be confident making a smooth transition from school into the professional environment after training in Eton’s hands-on program. Plus you’ll have the ongoing support of Eton’s dedicated student services team.