Academic Transfers

Eton College is proud to offer its students the option to transfer specific Diploma course if they wish to pursue higher education, such as a Bachelor’s degree.

Academic Transfers

Business Management Programs

Business knowledge and skills are involved in the retail, entrepreneurial or corporate worlds. Choosing these programs will allow you the flexibility for a number of career paths in a variety of business settings.

Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management
Business Administration Major in Travel and Tourism Management
Business Administration

Flight Attendant Preparation Programs

Students who consider a career as a flight attendant or a career in tourism usually possess a love for people and the desire to serve. These programs also require a positive “can do” attitude, excellent teamwork and strong leadership skills.

Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Program
Hospitality and Flight Attendant Preparation Program
Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma

Hospitality Management Programs

The demand for skilled individuals in the hospitality industry will continue to grow. With the Hospitality Management programs offered at Eton College, you can learn the skills required for a career in the hospitality industry, as well as earn transferable course credits to our partner universities.

Hospitality Management and Flight Attendant Preparation
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hospitality Management
AH&LA Continuing Education
Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management

Program Preparation

Eton College offers the Business Environment Communications (BEC) program as a support program for students for whom English is a second language and who want to succeed in Eton College’s career and academic programs.

Business Environment Communications

Travel & Tourism Management Programs

In a land blessed with magnificent natural wonders and world-class facilities, tourism and hospitality will always be major economic drivers in all of Canada. New tourism businesses will be established, fuelling the need for highly skilled and trained professionals.

Meeting the demands of the Tourism and Airline industries, the tourism training from Eton College covers customer service, business management, and flight attendant preparation.

Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation
Travel & Tourism Management Diploma
Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma
Business Admin Major in Travel & Tourism Management
Tourism & Hospitality Canadian Experience Co-op Program